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Getting the Accounts to the Skip Tracers

Once you have determined what accounts you want to send to skip tracing, you will need to set up a worker code with a specific user ID based on the type of service you have contracted for and move the accounts into the worker code. Once in the correct User ID, Quantrax will do the rest. The user IDs are as follows: 

  • QXS - Basic skip tracing (debtor home phone and address, 1st and 2nd degree relative information,) 
  • QXS1- Basic skip tracing, but to be treated as priority. These will be worked before the QXS user ID 
  • QXS2- Basic search that includes POE name, address and phone number 
  • QXS3- Asset searches that include personal property information (from assessment and deeds), vehicle information, bankruptcy and business-related information




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