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Changing the Automatic Sign-Off Feature


  • When RMEx was installed, the system was set up to sign an inactive display off after 30 minutes. If the user signs back on within 30 minutes of this, they will be taken to the point at which they were signed off. You can change the time the display signs off from 30 minutes to a different value by changing the system value QINACTITV. 
  • Make sure that your nightly processing is set to start at least half an hour after the last user is supposed to sign off plus the time you set up in the system value. E.g : If you set up the inactive time out value to 60 minutes and you close your office at 8 p.m. you should set up your nightly processing to start after 9:30 p.m. (8 p.m. plus 60 minutes plus half an hour) 
  • The system value can be changed by using the command CHGSYSVAL, please do not remove the feature, since this could cause nightly processing to fail.



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