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Starting Nightly Processing

Normal daily operations:

  • Nightly processing can be set up at any time during the day
  • Select the option to set up the nightly processing (daily operations menu - start nightly processing)
  • Define next working dates for each company (F10-dates for all companies)
  • Decide if you want to turn the automatic feature on (auto-start next nightly after completion (Y)) - if you run the automatic feature, your next working date will be always the calendar day
  • On the first screen: 
  1. You can select any program/process that you may want to omit from the nightly processing by entering a "Y" next to the program/process  ("blank" = include in nightly processing)
  2. Set the time for the processing to start - if this field is left "blank" the nightly will begin immediatly and should never be "blank" if you are using the auto-start feature
  3. You can power off your system when the nightly completes (use this option with extreme caution)
  • On the second screen you can select any report that you may want the nightly processing to produce by entering a "Y" next to the report ("blank" = do not produce)

NOTE: For special circumstances - There is a way to process the nightly in two phases. This is usually reserved for clients that process extremely large volumes of data. The option is “delay second part of nightly processing until (HHMM)” (system control menu - company information) - This option should only be used after discussing with Quantrax support  


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