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Running an FTP Server inside the office to connect locally to RMEx. This example uses FileZilla Server.

See Attachment below for details. 

Turn Your PC in an FTP Server: For Transferring Files FROM the RMEx to A PC 

This document is detailed enough for a person who has limited knowledge in FTP server software and how networks work, however please contact your technical personnel to assist you in this process if needed.  Quantrax is not responsible and does not support this software or your networks, but we have tested it and found it a valuable tool. 


If you have an FTP Server in your office that you can access FROM RMEx , and you have the ability to use either the FTP module OR if you have access to a command line from the iSeries to move files back and forth. But if you do not have an FTP Server in your office you can turn your PC into an FTP Server.

Below is a demonstration of how to use a program running on my PC called “FileZilla Server”, an Open Source and free server. Keep in mind this is the FileZilla SERVER software, NOT the popular FileZilla FTP client software.

NOTE:  We DO NOT support nor answer questions about FileZilla. This is for demonstration purposes ONLY, there are many fine FTP Server programs you can choose from.


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