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RMEx Accessing the GUI: Troubleshooting, Clearing Cache and History, and tips

Troubleshooting the GUI.

Confirm they are on the newest version of chrome. 

Clearing your Internet History for Internet Explorer and Chrome 

The GUI may not be presenting correctly, or there is an update to your GUI and you may need to clear your Internet History File.  Click on the attachment document found on this Knowledgebase for instructions. attached at the bottom called  Clearing the History Files for Internet Explorer and Chrome

Rest Chrome to default settings. 

There are times where plugins and extensions can cause issues with Chrome. 

By going to Chrome Settings> Advanced> Reset and clean up. You can restore Chrome back to it's default, clean settings.  

 Hosting (Clients using a VPN to the Hosting site). 

  • Confirm your VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection is working to the hosted site. If you can access other areas of the internet but not the hosting site, the issue is generally due to the VPN.   
  • To confirm if it is a VPN issue you can trying pinging To do this in Windows. 
    • Hit the Start button and type CMD to access a Command box
    •  From this command box type:  ' ping
  •  If you get a reply it is up, if you get a "No Reply" then first check your VPN. If there is still  an after reviewing your VPN,  Contact Quantrax Immediately

 GUI / Events / Notes do not present, or not presenting properly.

  • Is this for one person or all persons. 
  • Always confirm you are using the correct URL (GUI Address)
  • RMEx uses Google Chrome as the default browser. Make sure to testing using Chrome. 
  • Try clearing you Cache and History  using the attachment below
  • If Chrome is having the issue please test with another browser
  • Confirm if others are having this issue, and present this and the details to your IT Administrator. 
  • (if NOT hosted) Check to make sure the GUI server (WASE Instance) is running. Review the GUI admin guides troubleshooting section for more information. Link: GUI Admin Guide
  • If Notes, Description Codes or Events are not presenting correctly: The services running the Notes and Description Code etc. functionalities run from the QServer. Make sure that computer can access the QServer. See the GUI Admin Guide

 You cannot see all of the GUI screen, or there may be scroll bars on the bottom that you must drag to see the rest of the screen

  • On the Account Detail Screen, make sure the Menu Navigation is closed by clicking the double green arrows at the top left.
  • Adjust your GUI screen size. In most browsers you can make the GUI larger and smaller by holding down the Control (CTRL) Key and hitting the + and – on the keyboard to adjust the size. Also, if you are using a mouse with a scroll wheel on it, holding the CTRL key and moving the wheel can adjust the size.

 Events or Document Viewer not presenting.

  • Confirm you are using the correct URL (GUI Address)
  • See if others are having the same issue. If so contact your administrator. Hosted to contact
  • Have your administrator confirm your security settings are not blocking your access to the “QServer”
  • Events only work from the account detail screen. The Events button does not work anywhere accept from the 1st account detail screen. 
  • Make sure the QServer DOES NOT have a firewall running that could be blocking access to any ports required by the GUI. Windows firewall is accessed from the Windows Control Panel. Beware adding other softwares like McAfee security tools (Such as antivirus). Many of these have thier own built in firewalls that could be blocking access. 


GUI - Have more than one session of RMEx at a time (Multiple Sessions) In Chrome or Internet Explorer

When using the RMEx GUI through an Internet browser, by default you cannot have more then one session running. If you open a second window in your browser, it will just present you with the same  RMEx page you are already on. But both Chrome and Internet Explorer have the ablilty to create multiple sessions. This will for example, let you have one session running for payment entry, and another session running for Account Inquiry. 

Note: Where Chrome allows you to create as many sessions as you like, Internet Explorer is limited to only two sessions. 

Click on the below for information about creating multiple sessions for either Google Chrome or Internet Explorer

 Multiple sessions - Google Chrome    Internet Explorer  


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