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GUI and Internet Explore: Fixing issues and reviewing compatiblity mode and plugins.

There are a few reasons why the GUI might not work with  Microsoft Internet Explorer, a "Compatiblity" issue, or an Internet Explorer Plugin issue.

If you are having an issue, it is best to test the GUI using the other browser that we support Google Chrome (Remember-Chrome does not support AS400 function keys, so these actions are taken using a mouse) 

When you try to log into RMEx using the gui, the round logo icon keeps spinning but does not present RMEx. 

The GUI uses the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser to access RMEx. The issue is there are many different versions of Internet Explorer so Microsoft added a feature called Compatiblity Mode to help make the different verions of Internet Explorer backwards compatible.

Click here to see how Compatiblity Mode works 


PLUGINS: The GUI runs from Internet Explorer. If a user has added Plugins, or another program has covertly added a plugin (Could happen and you didn't notice), you could have an issue running the GUI. 

To test you can run Internet Explorer with out plugins by running IE in "Safe Mode". Windows 7: Click the Start Button aind in the Search bar put (Older versions do Start-> Run):

iexplorer -extoff

And hit Enter

If it now works you may have some "Plugins" that are causing issues. Either disable the plugins or reset your Internet Explorer back to default settings using the setups below


You can reset Internet Explorer back to it's default settings by following these steps:


  • From Internet Explorer click on "Tools" from the drop down box. If you do not see "Tools" (Or File, Edit, View) Click the "ALT" button on your keyboard, and the Tool Bar options will appear. 
  • From Tools, go down and click on "Internet Options"
  • Click the Advanced tab.
  • Click the Reset button. 
  • The Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box appears.
  • Click the Reset button in the Reset Internet Explorer Settings dialog box.
  • Click the Close button.
  • Click the OK button and then:
  • Close all open Internet Explorer windows to restart Internet Explorer.

After you restart Internet Explorer, all the add-ons and customization you completed are removed. The home page is also reset to whatever it was when you first set up your PC (such as to the manufacturer’s website or to whichever MSN or Windows Live site Microsoft is pushing). It’s as though you started Internet Explorer for the first time.

  • Resetting Internet Explorer doesn’t remove any of your bookmarks. But if you added a custom toolbar or reset the home page, you need to reconfigure those settings after resetting.


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