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Next Work Date on Nightly is Set Up too Far in the Future

If you discover that someone has set the nightly processing up with a next work date that is too far in the future:

  • If the nightly has NOT ran, simply cancel nightly and reset it using the correct next work date.
  • If the nightly has already ran, then all processes that rely on the next work date will have processed through the date that was entered and there may be some unpredictable results during this period of time. Reset the nightly using the correct next work date.

NOTE: If the date entered is more than a couple of days you have a serious issue if you compute interest.

NOTE: The system has built in verification and warnings regarding the Next work date and anyone responsible for setting up the nightly should double check themselves to make sure this issue DOES NOT occur. Our recommendation is to use the auto nightly feature to cut down on mistakes made by users.


Some processes that will update through the date that was entered (this may not be a complete list):

  1. Contact series
  2. Smart code series
  3. Payment arrangements 
  4. Post dated checks
  5. Interest calculations
  6. Letters
  7. Promises and Follow-ups on Work maps
  8. Smart codes set up to be applied in the future


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