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Queues and Accounts with Scheduled Payments

On the Payment Arrangements system control option, when you exit, you are presented with options for handling broken promises. To this option, we have added rules to present accounts that have not missed a payment. The option on the standard payment arrangements can still be used for standard payment arrangements. For all arrangements (standard arrangements, non-lineararrangements, direct checks and credit card series), you can specify the following options :

Days before due date to present (1-9,A) 8
QCat for qualifying accounts (optional) 204

An existing follow-up date will always take priority over these rules. If the account is already dated for the future, it will not be considered. This gives you a method of keeping an account away from the queues, if you choose to use this new feature. These accounts will be presented in QCat 995 (Payment Arrangement), unless to specify a QCat code within the new options. How are these accounts sorted within the queue? By due date, so the payments due in the next few days are displayed prior to those that are due later.

RMEx was designed to create queues with only the accounts you were supposed to work. The first process that creates files will usually omit accounts in contact series or smart code series. Special options allow you to include these accounts if required. With this new change, you can potentially include all accounts other than accounts that have a future follow up date. By placing all of your accounts in the queues, you could use features such as queue consolidations to omit or delete specific accounts based on many of the selection options available.


Note : This feature is available from RMEx4 onwards!



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