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Omitting Payment Transactions from a Client Remittance Statement

There are 2 options for omitting a payment transaction on a client’s remittance statement:

  1. You can select certain balance types (system control menu - balance types) that are to never appear on the client’s remittance statement. Do not put a “Y” in the field client stmt-Y 
  2. You can omit individual payment transactions by using the option (payment transaction menu - omit transactions from statement)

Once this option is taken, you will be presented with another screen that will ask you to enter the case number of the account in which you would like to omit transactions.

You will also be prompted to enter a date in order to exclude entries that you do not need to search through. So, a smaller list can be presented to search from (this feature is optional).

After pressing enter, you will be presented with a list of all the transactions for that debtor which have not previously appeared on a remittance statement.

Place an "N' on the transaction lines that you would like to omit. You can only omit a transaction that has a corresponding opposite transaction. E.g.: A payment transaction code 01 positive for $100.00 must have a payment transaction code 01 negative or a payment code 21 negative for the same amount in order to omit the transactions

Note: You cannot omit transactions that have already appeared on a prior client remittance statement

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