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Letter Merge Code Symbols (¬ and <): To left justify or to force letter text to stay in place

Letter Merge Code Symbols "¬ " and "<"

These symbols are used to determine if your letter text after the merge code moves left (Left justified) or stays in one exact location on your letter

¬ Will keep the information in that exact location

< Will left justify 



  • The "¬" is good for text that should not move on your letter. Things like a date that you want always be at the top right of your letter in a specific location. 
  • The "<" is good if you need information to move together for example: 

"John smith" using the "<" as oppose to "John                 Smith"

Note:  In order to create the merge code symbol (¬) that precedes the merge codes in your letters you must use a ALT+NUMPAD combination technique to achieve this


  • Hold down the ALT key
  • Type 0172 on the number pad
  • Release ALT


This will give you the ¬ character








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