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ACH Direct Checks Interface for Billing Tree

Setup needed to be able to create a billing tree (EPP) file: main menu--> system control menu 1--> company information (hit enter for second screen)

The field "EPP interface (Y)" needs to have a "Y"

Creating a billing tree (EPP) file for direct checks: main menu--> payment transaction menu--> direct check options--> direct check interface (with report)

When a user runs this menu option, we will create a file with the name ACHCHKO for ACH transactions in your data library, along with a report. This file and report will include all of the direct checks with presentation date less than or equal to the current date, and will create separate records for each direct check in the file.

Following is the file layout of the ACH interface file for direct checks:

Direct check batch processing file layout

File name – ACHCHKO

File type – comma delimited csv or txt


account holder name

bank routing#


check amount

service fee amount (if applicable)

account type (C=checking, S=savings) 



transaction type

check date

account ID

import ID

consumer in-house ID (unique identifier for the account)


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