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Incorrect Julian Date

The Julian date is updated as part of the nightly and when issues occur with the nightly, the Julian date can be affected.

The two common nightly issues that can occurs are:

  • Nightly not run
  • Nightly did run but did not have the right next working date in it

To correct the Julian date:

  • Go to system parameters on the system control menu
  • Check the number shown in the account sequence field -  If this is not showing the correct Julian date it will need to be fixed

To correct the julian date:

  • Press F24 twice.
  • Move the cursor to the beginning of the account sequence number
  • Type over the number with the new Julian date

NOTE: The Julian date consists of 3 sets of numbers YY=current year, DDD=the day of the year and NNNN=the next account number sequence of the day. Ex. 102700311 = the next account loaded will be the 311th account on the 270th day of 2010. 



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