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Data Extract: Creating Delimited Files from within RMEx

"Data extract process" is an exciting  approach to creating files based on individual user requirements (a common use would be to create files for clients, in formats such as excel). It will allow users to create numerous combinations of output files with different fields and data. These options are user-defined and the user can decide on the "file name", "file layout" & the "data" in the file. The "file extract process" will convert the output file into "comma-delimited files". The data extract routine is accessed from the periodic reports menu. 

Data Extract (length 21.02 mins)

Click on the multimedia icon to see how to run the data extract, an example of FTPing the file to a desktop, and reviewing your data extract in an excel spreedsheet

For details on creating a data extract, you can also review the upgrade documentation for 8.0 from the documentation section on the website.


Note: The file names for the data extract feature do not allow special characters like &, @, etc and the the 1st character cannot be a number.




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