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How RMEx Reports an Account When Multiple Criteria Exist on the Account

We will check the account, using the following criteria in the priority listed below.  We will report the account based on the first criteria that is met:

1.       Report as Withdraw based on Description codes

2.       Report as PIF (Paid in Full) based on Close code 1

3.       Report as SIF (Settle in Full) based on Close code

4.       Report as Bankruptcy based on Description codes

5.       Report as Withdraw based on Inactive Close code

6.       Report as Dispute or Resolved dispute based on Description codes

NOTE: The METRO2 format does not allow multiple status's per account. We are required to first report it as a PIF (in 1 file) then we can report it as withdrawn in the next file. For the system to automatically do this, you must apply a withdrawn description code when the account becomes PIF.


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