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LetterLogic Vendor Transition Instructions during testing before going live with LetterLogic

The letterlogic file does not require the certain data to have merge codes set up on the letter format screen. However, your current vendor may require them on the letter format screen. The transition period, current vendor processing the old file while letterlogic is testing the new file, can be a bit confusing. We suggest the following: 

  • Send letterlogic an excel spread sheet or word doc that contains the standard fields across the row and add the extra merge codes (with their descriptions) at the end of the row. This will show letterlogic how the file should appear when live
  • Tell your LetterLogic contact that you are a Quantrax user and that Quantrax has special file layouts. Quantrax's contact with Letterlogic is Elizabeth Geist (VP of Client Services) if your contact has any questions regarding the special layouts
  • Contact Quantrax support

Note: You can copy the following for the standard fields:

client code letter code~company number-case number~debtor's name~street address~extra address~city~state~zip~address indicator~


 Additional Field Info for Letter File from Quantrax 

Client code (vendor assigned alpha/numeric identifier code) (must provide to Quantrax) 
TELTCD (letter code) (type of letter requested)  
GCOMP (company number)  
GDEBT# (case number)  

Consumer name (first name last name separated by a space)  
GADD2X (street address)  
GADD1X (extra address) (i.e. apt#, suite#)  
GCITY (city)  
GSTATE (state)  
GZIP (zip code)  
Address indicator (a 2 character code to represent who the address belongs to: C0=guarantor, C1 and C2 and C3=multiple cosigners, C4=F10-cosigner) 

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